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Antique Oriental rugs, old oriental carpets and second hand rugs and carpets

In this category you find our old and antique oriental carpets, that are native to different countries of the East.

The antique Persian rugs, antique Turkish rugs, Indian, Caucasian, Chinese, North African, and other oriental countries, who have lived and have a certain age.
Some decorate their interiors with old carpets and oriental opportunity because often the prices are very attractive compared to other materials

We have in our Warehouse over a thousand antique carpets Oriental of all backgrounds. Choosing your rug can also be done in our Warehouse in Saint Ouen. Contact us for an appointment if you want to go.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Antique turkish rug silk KAYSERY 121X185 cm
Antique turkish rug Sparta 395X480 cm
Antique turkish rug Sparta 428X500 cm
Antique turkish rug USHAK 173X240 cm
Antique Turkmen rug
Antique Turkmen rug
Antique Turkmen rug
Antique Turkmen rug
Antique Turkmen rug
Antique Turkmen rug
Antique Turkmen rug
Antique Turkmen rug
Antique Turkmen rug BALUTCH
Antique Turkmen rug BALUTCH 82X146 cm
Antique Turkmen rug BALUTCH 86X140 cm
Antique Turkmen rug Balutch 88X146 cm
Antique Turkmen rug YAMUTH 120X180
beni ouarain 200X300 cm
Boukhara 100X105 cm
Chirwan Lesgi
Hamadan 106x166 cm
KARS 100X102 cm
KARS 200X290 cm
KayserI 55X98 cm
KAZAK 120X230 cm
KURDISTAN carpet corridor
Maroc berbere 60X140 cm
Moussel 135x210 cm
Old chineese rug
Old chineese rug 162X214 cm
Old chineese rug 167X248 cm
Old chineese rug 250X350 cm
Old chineese rug 260X360 cm
Old chineese rug 69X145 cm
Old chineese rug SILK 67X124 cm
Old chineese rug SINKIANG 122X182 cm
Old chineese rug SINKIANG 71X246 cm
Old chineese rug; style, Janus 150X200 cm
Oriental rug
Oriental rug
Oriental rug


tapis d'orient tapisseries d'aubusson oriental antique and modern rugs and tapestries فرش٫ قالی و گلیم انتیک و مدرن orientali e antichi tappeti orientali e aubusson arazzi orientales antiguas e modernas alfombras e tapices de aubusson Orientteppiche antiken und modernen Tapeten Aubusson oosterse tapijten antieke en moderne wandtapijten uit Aubusson антикварные восточные ковры, Обюссон гобелены

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